Unknown Calls?
Unknown Calls?
We have received a fair number of complaints from telephone subscribers in Sri Lanka, of missed calls received from unknown international party. When these subscribers returned the missed calls, the call charge for such calls have been excessive more than the normal call charges.

Some groups from certain countries are misleading in this manner to induce local subscribers to return such calls.
Furthermore, since interconnection charges for International calls are high, call charges for such calls by their nature are more.
We have made enquiries from telephone services providers in Sri Lanka and their responses were as follows:

Mobitel (Pvt.) Ltd. informed TRCSL that similar acts had happened previously and actions have been taken to block these number series before this event.

Dialog Axiata PLC informed TRCSL that on complaints made by their subscribers, immediate steps were taken to block such international numbers.

Companies, Hutchison Telecommunications Lanka Ltd., Bharti Airtel Lanka Ltd and Etisalat Lanka (Pvt) Ltd stated that they had not received any complaints from their subscribers, of such calls. However if such telephone numbers are identified immediate steps will be taken to block such international numbers.

Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka hereby notify all telephone subscribers in Sri Lanka to refrain from redialing calls to such unknown telephone numbers.