Local Consultant/s for ITU/TRCSL Joint Program on ICTs for Promoting Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Youth

Local Consultant/s for ITU/TRCSL Joint Program on ICTs for
Promoting Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Youth
Title : ICTs for promoting Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Youth
Country : Sri Lanka
Duty Station : Colombo
A.  Description of Duties :
Under the supervision of the Senior Advisor, ITU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific and in close collaboration with designated officer(s) from TRCSL Sri Lanka and the lead expert, the national expert will deliver four 4 days provincial training in 4 selected provinces to be identified by the TRCSL on ICTs for promoting Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Youth. The aim of the trainings is to create the environment to encourage and foster a deeper understanding of real world problems in business and society; to encourage and coach youth to apply ICT and other tools to problem solving, business idea development and social enhancement and to prepare youth participants for when a business opportunity presents itself. The expert will:
1.  Prepare relevant content for the workshops aimed at;
i     Providing the youth with an opportunity to understand and discuss new technologies and applications. They will be able
      to address implications of ICT use and adoption with an emphasis on Innovative technologies
ii    Examining the role that markets play in the development and distribution of ICT infrastructure and services and
      the conditions that lead to reduced investment risk and increased investment in the ICT sector.
iii    Challenging participants to develop ideas for ICT-enabled, socially responsible businesses and programs that
      can be initiated by young people and introducing the fundamentals of developing business plans and team proposals.
1v   Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship
v     Participate in the ITU workshop to be held in Colombo from 12-15 September,2017
2.   Material generated should include the following thematic areas:

i.    Social Impact of increasing ICT access, products and services; Technology, Tools and Resources
ii.   Education, Skills & Career Development
iii.  Technical Skills for ICT - competencies and certifications relevant in today's ICT job market
iv.  Business Skills for ICT Businesses
v.   Project Management; Networking and partnering; Research and Development
vi.  Security, Risk and Privacy, ethics in ICT Businesses
vii. Business and Entrepreneurship
viii. Programmes available to develop, encourage and incubate small businesses
ix.   Provide practical example of ICT enabled/based applications for business such as mobile apps
      ( android / IOS as appropriate, challenges and opportunities for startups
x.    Attracting Investors and Partners
xi.   Creating a new business / service on a budget
xii.   Finding opportunities for new ICT businesses
xiii.  Interactive "Case Studies" & Animation Tutorials
B.  Delivery of Training in 4 Provincial areas:
i.    Deliver the required training content in line with the job description;
ii.   Organize for interaction/ knowledge sharing and Animation Tutorials among the various participants
iii.  Write an evaluation report at the end of the workshop, giving expert evaluation of the status and challenges
      in respect to Youth ICT Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

C.  Final Report :

Preparation of a final report containing detailed information on the development of the workshop including but not limited to comments, questions and recommendations raised during the workshop
D.  Concrete Deliverables:

i.    Draft workshop program to be submitted by 21 August 2017
ii.   Slide pack for training (PowerPoint presentations, Case Studies, templates, etc) in line with the jobs descriptions
iii.  Delivery of workshop to participants
iv.  Workshop evaluation report on the status and recommendations to the ITU and focal point on future areas of focus
      for training, based on feedback from participants.
v.   Final report
E.  Qualifications & Experience:

i.    Advanced university degree in telecommunication, computer science, information technology or relevant field such as
      engineering etc.
ii.   At least 5 years of progressively responsible experience in the field relevant to the post.

F.  Language:

G.  Remuneration : 

Please submit your C.V., a copy of the proposed draft program and the expected remuneration in a sealed envelope on or
before 10.00 am – 21st August 2017 addressed to

Director General ,
Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka,
No 276 Elvitigala Mawatha,
Colombo 8.

Indicate  “ Local Consultants for ITU/ TRCSL joint Project” on the top left hand corner of the envelope.