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   Gazette Notifications
   1.Vendor License Rules (No. 1182/12 of 2001-05-03)
   2.International Telecommunications Operators Levy Regulations (No. 1945/2 of 2015-12-14)
            Sinhala        Tamil        English
   3.Low Power (Indoor) Transmitter License Fees Rules (No. 1435/25 of 2006-03-10)
               Sinhala        Tamil       English
   4.Radio Frequency License Fees (Broadcasting) Rules (No. 1104/4 of 1999-11-01)
              Sinhala        Tamil        English
   5.Radio Frequency (Land Mobile) License Fees Rules (No. 1497/23 of 2007-05-16)
              Sinhala        Tamil        English
   6.Telecommunications (Radio Frequency License) Regulations (No. 929/10 of 1996-06-25)  
               Sinhala       Tamil        English
   7. CESS Fees (No.1686/4 of 2010-12-27)
              Sinhala        Tamil        English
   8. Telecommunication Development Charge (No.1717/20 of 2011-08-04)
              Sinhala        Tamil        English
   9. Determination on Interconnection between PSTN Operators (May 2010)
            Sinhala        Tamil        English
   10. Imposition of Telephone Subscribers’ Levy and Imposition of International Telecommunications Operators Levy
         (Finance Act, No. 11 of 2004)
              Sinhala        Tamil        English
   11. Telecommunication Levy (Telecommunication Levy Act, No. 21 of 2011)  
              Sinhala        Tamil        English
   12. Telecommunication Levy (Telecommunication Levy (Amendment) Act, No 8 of 2013)  
                Sinhala        Tamil      English
   13. Telecommunication Levy (Telecommunication Levy (Amendment) Act, No 11 of 2014)
              Sinhala        Tamil        English