Approved Tariff for Lanka Bell Ltd.

Name of the Tariff Plan

Reference No.

Commencing Date

Expiry Date

New Call Tariff Package TRC/LB/PRO/18/01  17th Sep. 2018 16th  March 2019
Special Tariff Plan TRC/LB/ 16/01  Long Term Basis 
CDMA Packages TRC/LB/Promo/16/05  04th March 2016 03rd June 2016
LTE Packages TRC/LB/Promo/16/04  23rd February 2016 22nd May 2016

New CDMA/LTE Voice Packages

TRC/LB/Promo/16/02 &


01st February 2016

30th April 2016

New LTE Package


25th January 2016

24th April 2016