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UHF / VHF / TV Broadcasting


    1. Frequency Assignment Procedure

    2. Frequency Reservation Procedure

    3. Importation Procedure for TV Transmitters/Antennas

    4. Inspection procedure of installation of transmitting facility

    5. Annual renewal of section 22 licence

    6. Modification of Transmitting Facility


Application Form For Freq.Licence

Application Form For Freq.Reservation

Schedule 1 Format

List of Licensed TV Broadcasters


1. Frquency Assignment Procedure

Following documents should be submitted with the duly perfected application form (Download Application Form) the assignment of frequency .

1. Media Licence issued by the Ministry of Mass Media and Information by virtue of section 44 of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation Act No 37 of 1966.

2. If the applicant is a Limited Liability Company certified copies of form 48, 36, Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association, Certificate of incorporation

3. If the applicant is a firm, Business Name Registration certificate. For a partnership the names of all the partners should be submitted.

4. Technical Report including coverage analysis, proposed frequencies and output power requirements etc. Popular communal sites are as follows.

(1) Colombo/Magalkanda/Yatiyantota Omni/Directional radiation pattern

(2) Karagahatenna/Gammaduwa 180 Deg radiation pattern towards North

(3) Gongala/Deniyaya 180 Deg radiation pattern towards South

(4) Nayabedda/Haputale 180 Deg radiation pattern towards East

(5) Hunnasgiriya /Kalutara/Ratnapura/Jaffna/ Madukanda Omni/Directional radiation pattern



2. Frequency Reservation Procedure

Frequency reservation letters will be issued on availability of frequencies and after consideration of other technical criteria and will only be effective when the due payment is made (Frequency licence fee as stipulated in the Gazette notification 1104/4 of 1999/11/01).The invoice for the payment will be issued by TRC when the applicant returns the Acknowledgement with regard to the assignment in following format placing the company seal witnessed by two directors of the company.

Format of the acknowledgement

"The (Name of the Company) hereby accept and acknowledge the terms and conditions set out in the Commission letter dated..............(annex) and will be bound by the said terms and conditions as long as the said channels /frequencies are used by the Company"

Important: Frequency reservation will be effective only for a maximum period of one year. If the frequency is not used minimum specified ERPs (effective radiated power ) within the reservation period frequency assignment will be automatically cancelled without prior notice and will be considered for assignment for another applicant if required.



3.Importation Procedure for TV Transmitters/ Antennas

After frequency reservation applicant will be eligible for importation of TV transmitter required for the intended operation. Following documents should be submitted at the point of importation.


1. Frequency assignment letter (issued by TRCSL)

2. Proforma Invoice

3. Manufactures' technical specifications of the TV transmitter


1. Frequency assignment letter (issued by TRCSL)

2. Proforma Invoice

3. Manufactures' technical specifications of a single panel/dipole with horizontal and vertical radiation patterns

4. Antenna configuration diagram specifying the gain in dBd and horizontal and vertical radiation patterns of the final assembly


4. Inspection Procedure of Installation of Transmitting Facility

After installation of transmitter and antenna system applicant should duly fill the inspection form and request TRCSL for the issuance of frequency licence authorizing the operation of transmitter as per Section 22 of Sri Lanka Telecommunication (Amendment) Act No. 27 of 1996.

The applicant should facilitate the inspection by the TRCSL engineering staff and in compliance with specified operational parameters the annual licence will be issued on payment of the annual fee as per Gazette

notification 1104/04 of 1999/11/01.The applicant is not authorized to change any operational parameters or physical installation without the prior approval of the Commission.



5. Annual Renewal of the Frequency Licence

The applicant should apply for renewal of the licence before the expiry by submitting the application form (Download Application Form) together with the technical details as per schedule I of the licence.



6. Modification of the Transmitting Facility

The transmitting facility should exist as per the schedule I of the licence and modification without prior approval of the Commission is a violation of the licensing conditions and may lead to revokation. Any request for modification should be brought to the notice in writing with duly perfected table with all technical details as per schedule I.

(download format) of the licence with a covering letter justifying the modification.