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The TRCSL has conducted tests on 3G HSPA+ (PLUS) platform recently to test the capabilities of wireless mobile broadband. For the test two mobile broadband operators namely, AIRTEL and ETISALAT who had deployed HSPA+ technology had been selected. Subsequently two HSPA+ enabled towers (Node B) have also been selected for the test.

These test results have shown speed capabilities of HSPA+ mobile broadband technology in an ideal i.e. 64QAM environment. Peak bandwidth (spike) was also observed while downloading using multiple TCP/IP sessions.

Subscribers would only be able to experience these speeds in selected locations or in areas where the HSPA+ facility is available. Similar to other wireless technologies, bandwidth and the speed would be depended on distance, number of subscribers attached to the tower, interference and other related matters. A subscriber who lives closer to the tower would be able to receive greater speeds than a subscriber who lives away from the tower.

These tests were conducted under ideal conditions to demonstrate the capabilities of HSPA+ technology. Therefore this information or test results should not be used for benchmark purposes.
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