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The mechanism introduced by the TRCSL to lower broadband prices has achieved its intended goals prematurely. The TRCSL has begun its preliminary work to develop a mechanism to improve broadband QoS in the country while lowering its prices. This mechanism binds broadband quality of service with a price ceiling which lowers existing prices significantly with an improvement of its quality. The mechanism has not been fully developed as yet however it has reached its final stages.

The objective of the TRCSL exercise is to reduce the access charges in fixed broadband services in the country. Today, the fixed broadband subscribers are required to pay more money for their unlimited services which are relatively narrower in bandwidth than mobile broadband.

The new mechanism based on price, volume and the bandwidth permits operators to introduce new products to the market with high speed connectivity at an affordable price. The price for the packages will be determined based on the data capacity and the speed of the link. Further the standard of a minimum download speed would be introduced to the system to ensure better QoS. Since all three components price, volume and the bandwidth are closely connected to each other it ensures adequate volume capacity for the consumer at a lower price than ever before.These packages contain a monthly allocated data capacity which is more than adequate for general consumption, packed with speed and carry a competitive price which is incomparable to the high prices for unlimited internet services currently prevailing in the market.

With the introduction of a new price ceiling standard which also governs both capacity and speed, TRCSL is planning to elevate the delivery of lower end services such as 512kbps to a higher capacity level with a matching price drop.