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With the intention of raising awareness among broadband subscribers, the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission has issued a set of guidelines for broadband service providers. In this context TRCSL has directed all broadband operators in the country to make available the broadband Internet related information to the public in a dedicated web portal contained in the operator’s main website.

The issued guidelines are as follows,

I.    All broadband and Internet packages must be published on a separate web portal with their respective tariffs, coverage maps/area lists, connection fee, rental and all other related charges. Their upload and download bandwidth, other traffic shaping methods such as FUP (Fair Usage Policy) limits must also be indicated and explained in detail. Technical parameters such as download bandwidth upload bandwidth and data transfer speed must be clearly explained for the better understanding of the subscriber. If these parameters vary or change time to time depending on the network condition and traffic, it must be clearly stated. Further the subscriber must be informed and explained about the difference between offered theoretical bandwidth and the actual data transfer speed.

II.    Technology(s) used for the delivery of service must be indicated clearly for each broadband service.

III.    Parameters that are required for the configuration of modems, routers, smart phones and other devices must also be published.

IV.    If it is a volume based data package, web based metering facility must be provided to subscribers. In such case, metering records must be updated within an acceptable time period. For example, within an hour.

V.    If any service interruption or failure occurs locally or internationally it must be notified to subscribers immediately. Similar action must be taken in respect to planned and intentional service interruptions.  For this purpose ISP can use their web portal and e-mail services or any other medium to inform the subscriber about the failure.

VI.    To facilitate the public to submit their complaints to the ISP; email address, postal address and telephone address of the ISP must be clearly indicated in the web portal.
A period of 30 days will be provided to the operators to comply with these new guidelines and publish the aforesaid guidelines in a dedicated web portal.

Anusha Palpita

Director General

23rd August 2010