Tariff Regulation

Dialog Broadband Networks (Pvt) Ltd

Name of the Approved Tariff Plan

Reference No.

Commencing Date

Expiry Date

Weekly & Monthly Plans for Dialog HBB Customers to watch Netfix without being charged for Data TRC/DBN/PRO/19/04 19-12-2019 18-06-2020
Promotional Offer on Christmas Season for Home Broadband (HBB) Customers TRC/DBN/SEA/19/02 01-12-2019 31-12-2019
New Postpaid Home Broadband (HBB) Pre-Eminent (PR) Extension packs TRC/DBN/PRO/19/03 18-11-2019 17-05-2020
Worry Free Video on ViU for Home Broadband Customers TRC/DBN/PRO/19/02 13-11-2019 12-05-2020
Home Internet with Broadband Booster TRC/DBN/PRO/19/01 29-07-2019 28-01-2020
New Fixed Voice Tariff Plans TRC/DBN/PRO /18/05 14-11-2018 13-05-2019
Special Broadband Packages for Schools & Installations of the Ministry of Education TRC/DBN/PER /18/01 Permanent
 Anytime postpaid Fixed Broadband packages TRC/DBN /PRO/18/04 15-10-2018 14-04-2019
Postpaid Home Broadband  Packages for State Sector Employees & Members of Government Institutional Bodies TRC/DBN /PRO/18/03 15-10-2018 14-04-2019
Post-paid Home Broadband Packages for Teachers TRC/DBN/PRO/18/02 01-08-2018 31-01-2019
Special Broadband  Packages for Schools & the Installations of the Ministry of Education TRC/DBN /PRO/18/01 05-01-2018 04-07-2018
New LTE Home Broadband Packages 12-10-2017 11-04-2018
Prepaid Fixed Broadband     TRC/DBN/Promo/17/02     05-07-2017     04-10-2017
New LTE-Pre-Eminent Range (PR) Extensions TRC/DBN/Promo/17/01   01-06-2017    31-08-2017
New LTE Pre-Eminent Range (PR) Extension TRC/DBN/Promo/16/15 8-10-2016 7-01-2017
New Wi-Fi Solutions TRC/DBN/Promo/16/07-16/14 2-09-2016 1-12-2016
New Postpaid CDMA Package TRC/DBN/Promo/16/06 30-07-2016 29-10-2016
Special Package for School Broadband TRC/DBN/Promo/16/05 13-07-2016 12-10-2016
New LTE Pre-Eminent Range (PR) Extensions TRC/DBN/Promo/16/04 24-06-2016 23-09-2016

Fixed Voice Line


20-05-2016 19-08-2016

Dialog Broadband with Voice Product Portfolio


 01-02-2016  30-04-2016

New Dialog CDMA Packages


 01-02-2016  30-04-2016