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Tariff Regulation
Approved Tariff for Dialog Axiata PLC.
 Name of the Approved Tariff Plan  Reference No. Commencing Date Expiry Date
Customized Bundled Package (My Plan)-Pre-paid/Postpaid TRC/D/PRO/18/06 30-10-2018 29-04-2019
Data Packages for Schools TRC/D/PRO/18/05 10-10-2018 09-04-2019
Prepaid & Postpaid Mobile Broadband Tariff Plans TRC/D/PRO/18/04 26-10-2018 25-04-2019
New Mobile Packages for Prepaid/Postpaid Customers TRC/D/PRO/18/03 15-09-2018 14-03-2019
Mobile Broadband Timebased Packages (Sachets) TRC/D/PRO/18/02 07-06-2018 06-12-2018
Prepaid Customized Bundled Package(My Plan) TRC/D/PRO/18/01 01-03-2018 31-08-2018
Doc.lk Medical Appoinment Service TRC/D/Promo/17/02 12-12-2017 11-06-2018
4G SIM Conversion Offer TRC/D/17/01 Long Term  Basis
IVR based Karaoke Music Service TRC/D/Promo/17/01 18-8-2017 17-11-2017
Special Package for School Broadband TRC/D/Promo/16/22 26-11-2016 25-2-2017
New Blaster Package TRC/D/16/13 Long Term Basis    
Half Circuit International Private leased circuits (IPLC) Tariff TRC/D/16/12 Long Term Basis 
New IVR based Quiz Competition(Club Contest) TRC/D/16/11 Long Term Basis 
Sathiya Obata TRC/D/16/09 Long Term Basis 
Add on Packages TRC/D/16/08 Long Term Basis 
New Large Volume Data package TRC/D/16/07 Long Term Basis 
New MBB Postpaid Packages TRC/D/16/04 Long Term Basis 
Mobile Movie Portal TRC/D/16/03 Long Term Basis 
SMS Bundle Packages TRC/D/16/01 Long Term Basis 
4G SIM Conversion Offer TRC/D/Promo/16/21 19-10-2016 18-1-2017
Rs.300 Prepaid New Connection Offer TRC/D/Promo/16/20 13-10-2016 12-01-2017
New Corporate Packages  TRC/D/Promo/16/19 16-7-2016 15-10-2016
Mobile Call Management Service  TRC/D/Promo/16/18 6-7-2016 5-10-2016
New Video on Demand Services  TRC/D/Promo/16/17 6-6-2016 5-9-2016
New Mobile Broadband Postpaid Packages TRC/D/Promo/16/16 6-5-2016 5-8-2016
New IVR & OBD Services TRC/D/Promo/16/15 7-4-2016 6-7-2016
Prepaid New Connection Offer TRC/D/Promo/16/14 31-3-2016 29-6-2016
Mobile BB Add-on Package for Guru.lk Users TRC/D/Promo/16/13 24-3-2016 23-6-2016
Emergency Alerts Service TRC/D/Promo/16/12 2-3-2016 1-6-2016
New Prepaid Bundled Internet Cards TRC/D/Promo/16/11 1-3-2016 31-5-2016
Prepaid New Connection Offers TRC/D/Promo/16/10 26-2-2016 25-5-2016
Half Circuit International Private Leased Circuits(IPLC)Tariff TRC/D/Promo/16/09 1-3-2016 31-5-2016
New Prepaid Packages TRC/D/Promo/16/08 01-02-16 30-04-16
Corporate RS.100/-Rental Package TRC/D/Promo/16/07 01-02-16 30-04-16
Postpaid Bundled Package - My Plan TRC/D/Promo/16/06 01-02-16 30-04-16
Rs.99 Rental Package TRC/D/Promo/16/05 01-02-16 30-04-16
Zero Rental Package TRC/D/Promo/16/04 01-02-16 30-04-16
Prepaid per Minute Package TRC/D/Promo/16/03 01-02-16 30-04-16
Prepaid per Second Package with Data TRC/D/Promo/16/02 01-02-16 30-04-16
Prepaid per Second Package TRC/D/Promo/16/01 01-02-16 30-04-16